Monday, January 18, 2010

i've decided...

dear beloved friends,

in order to avoid from problems or controversials nor something bad in the future..
i've decided to change the title of this blog to a new one..
starting from now on it will no longer known as 'USPB',
it will be called as the name as above. for your information, there are some people outhere who likes to put others into trouble. i don't know what to call them though 'stupid' and 'short-minded' are best suite too for them. you guys know lar..

i'm not afraid, it's just that i don't want to put myself into trouble. what's the use if you had to spent a night in a small darked room just because of some word'ings' with a stupid and rubbish picture? heh..! so, don't put yourself too into trouble. think twice ok..

the layout and the contents are still the same as before, it's just the title and the url address that changed. i'm so sorry for this but please keep on following. the url sounds like this ''.

nothing's changed, just the title boss...


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